Ale is sick. He has a fever, cough and won’t eat a thing. I was with him today and he just clung to me. He only wanted to be at the breast. I’m not breast feeding any more but he still goes for comfort and gets a an ounce of milk at best.

It’s simply horrible to see him sick. When his dad came home he wanted to play and read but that wiped him out fast.

Now he is in bed (our bed ) asleep and covered in Vic’s baby rub.

This afternoon. I was drawing up liquid Motrin for him. Ale saw me and then all of a sudden he began to throw up. I think he just did not want the med. He HATES taking the Motrin . I really think he worked himself up and threw up. He has not done it again since. My poor guy. He is turning into a baby div(o)!!

Thankfully tomorrow I am off work again so I’ll be at home with Ale. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take him to daycare. So I’ll cuddle with him and read my book.