Why is it Harder Raising Boys

When I was pregnant I knew without a doubt in my head I was going to have a boy. You could not tell me otherwise. I was happy but I did mourn the fact that I may not have lunch/ shopping dates with my son.

Now as the author of the article mentions, I understand the female brain/ ways much better. I also think that women are just more naturally sensitive and at the end of the day need less direction to learn what is good and bad.

I feel like boys need constant reminders & examples. My job with Ale is to make him a good man that will treat women and others with the utmost respect. So I’m not going to wait until he is a teen to teach him how to cook. I have him now in the kitchen watching me cook. It’s like a cooking show for babies! I have him help me put away the groceries, he throws his clothing in the washing machine. I love that he is right next to me when I vacuum. I give him an extra vacuum tube that has a brush and he is working on the dust behind the chair.

His dad is also a great role model and will teach him housework, kindness and respect. But boys will be boys…

Anyway, I’m hopeful. Only time will tell. I know in my heart I have the best little boy and he will be ok with my love and guidance .

Why is it Harder Raising Boys