Must Also Take Care of Me

I’m a nurse and I’m a mom. This makes an awful combination- I’m always taking care of others and my needs – emotional/ physical – get placed on the back burner more often than most. Yes, I love my job and little boy but when I come home after 10Pm after working 12+ hours and then I must take care of a baby it places a great strain on me. I’m so tired that I just want to pass out. I don’t know how it happens but I am always able to muster up the strength to keep on going. To make up for this I’m desperately laking in self care. 


Sleep- If i sleep 4 hours its a victory.

Shower- many days optional. 

Hair- have not cut it in ages, its the longest its been in years.

Clothing- I wear the same items over and over. Most of my shirts have food stains or toddler goo. 

Its time to change this!

My husband for Christmas gave me a gift certificate to go to an upscale new spa. The gift certificate included a 15 minute massage. Now you would think that I would have run out the next day to get this done as my back was aching like never before. No, I put it off, and made silly excuses about my toddler goo clothing, my toes needing a pedicure, or I had to clean the house. Finally, after my husband hounding me about not going, I went last week. It was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Yes, I had my toddler goo shirt on, but I put on a little makeup and rocked it out!

The spa day was great and the massage was just what I needed, although a bit painful as my back has been bothering me. When the massage was over the masseuse said to me, “I must ask you what do you do for a living, as your back muscles were so tense- the most I’ve seen in a while. You must be careful as you can have problems in the future.” His comment was like a wake up call. Yes, I must take care of myself. If I can not take care of me, I can’t fully take care of my patients at work or my little boy.

So I’ve decided that I must- no matter what- make time for me. So my hair appointment is booked, and I will go shopping this week for a new shirt!