The Wild Beast

Putting Ale to sleep is like putting down a wild animal.

Bedtime begins with the brushing of teeth and a round of kisses to papa. Ale takes his 10oz bottle laced with rice cereal and we march to the bedroom. We climb into our bed and depending on how sleepy he is we read one or two books. We always finish with Goodnight Moon. After counting the three bears on chairs, locating the tiny mouse on each page and saying goodnight to the noises everywhere, I turn off the light. This is when the wild beast comes out. Ale will try to find the most comfy position in a queen size bed. To find this he will bang his head at least twice against the headboard- depending on how hard and how sleepy he will or will not cry. Then he flings and twists himself on the bed. He may even do a 360 spin- twice. He will grab his bottle again, or reach out to me to go to my breast. When finished with drinking or nursing for comfort he will do another twist and lay flat. He will then stick out his butt and the propeller legs come out. His legs do crazy high kicks while laying on his stomach. He will kick the mattress, the pillows, me, the blue stuffed dog next to him. This is like the grand finale of getting comfy on the queen sized bed. A sock will be flung off and the propeller legs will finally begin to slow to a halt. Then a toe will twitch, a final kick, his breathing evens out, the butt goes down, and then calm. One final kiss from mama and then pillow walls go up around him.

Sleep well my little beast, sleep well.


5 thoughts on “The Wild Beast

  1. Aww, haha! He sounds like a busy, busy little guy! How old is he? My son is 18 months and we’ve just stopped co-sleeping and have moved him to his crib (he still wakes to nurse in the middle of the night, but it’s back to bed afterward)…anyway, I know EXACLTY what you mean about a pillow wall! lol We were doing that constantly!! 😉

      • Have you ever seen those chunky, foldable cushioin beds you can buy at Wal-Mart? Well, I have one on the floor next to his crib for me to be on while he goes to sleep. His crib is across the room, in *our* bedroom. When switching him to his crib, I also started a bedtime routine that is different than what he was accustomed to so he would have a totally different mindset. I still nurse him, but it’s downstairs, instead of on our bed; I sit on the floor in our room and look at his favorite books with him, and then I put him in his crib. The first night took a little over 20 minutes. He was very unhappy, indeed. He kept crying and signing “milk”, but he understands what “all gone” means, so I responded with: you already had milk and it is all gone. He walked around his crib, plopped down, got back up again, etc. I tried to comfort him by sayig everything was alright but he wasn’t comforted. 😉 He finally came over to where my hand was and held it and went to sleep, sniffling.The next day, it took 10 minutes. The next it was under 5. Last night, he was asleep with very little complaint, within about 3 minutes.
        For Samuel, I have to make sure he’s actually tired. From wake-up time in the morning, to his nap, needs to be about 6 hours. I have started waking him up at about 6:30am so his nap falls a little after lunchtime. He was waking up at 7:45 or so and that made naptime too late!
        Anyway, sorry for the novel, but it’s a long, sorted event, isn’t it?! hah If you have any other questions I’d be happy to answer them! xo

      • Thank you so much for the advice! I hope soon we can transition back to the crib. I’ll will try to sleep on the floor next to him. I’ve heard that this worked for other babies. I never thought that sleep would be such a long term issue!

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