Daily Prompt: Personal Space


I was one of those teenage girls with a diary. It started when I was 12. I had the typical diary with a lock (which you could pick with a paper clip) and read in girly pink and green letters “Diary”. As I got older I would look for notebooks with nice paper and I bought good pens to write with. I filled each page with teenage angst, photos, ticket stubs, maps. When I was in my 20’s I stopped keeping a diary or journal. I tried again few times later on but I never stuck to it. Now I’m a few years shy of 40 and I’m journaling again.

What made me go back to journaling/ blogging?? Becoming a mother!! My intension was not to just jot down all of the amazing milestones my boy made. It was to keep me sane!! Never before did I find myself in a situation that I felt like I had no control. It was like being a teen again with an identity crisis. Its not that I disliked being a mom its just that I unexpectedly stepped into an abyss of the unknown.

For the last year I have been using the Dayone App for my personal thoughts. However, I yearned for an audience larger than one (myself) to really make sure that I had not lost my mommy mind. I approached blogging as a way to connect with other new moms. I turned to WordPress after using Tumbler. Tumbler was too young for me and too short. I wanted something more in-depth. In turn, on WordPress I found amazing mom bloggers, of all ages and backgrounds, who like me are trying to stay sane and have a blast with their kids.

I would lie if I did not admit to the fact that I am always looking at the WordPress stats. I love getting likes and new followers. However, I know that my mommy musings are not earth shattering nor do I write with an over the top style. I write like me. You hear my voice in each post. I just hope that I can connect with a few moms and non moms just the same way as I did with others. My goal is for another new mom to read a post and say “Ok, she made it though. I will too.”

Daily Prompt: Personal Space


To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers? How do you balance that? If sticking to certain topics and types of posts meant your readership would triple, would you do it?

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Personal Space

  1. We all just want to share our thoughts, however unimportant or menial, and know that someone else enjoyed it. Even a little.
    I can’t help but smile when my stats increase, and I live for a good comment!
    Cheers to comraderie and another comment for you 🙂

  2. I think writing and connecting is what makes blogging worthwhile. When I first started blogging I was also excited to see new followers, get those comments. But it’s still that but a bit more. I think sharing your words and thoughts are important. You never know how something you write can affect and encouragement someone. Even if they dont comment.

    • So true! What we write can be so powerful. I’m enjoying reading all kinds of blogs. There are so many interesting and creative bloggers – you included. I’m discovering so much. I wish I could comment on all that I read.

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  4. I think that the why and how you write are both beautilfu! I wish I had known about blogging when my kids were younger because I really felt alone at times and it would have provided something wonderful for me, but alas, I didn’t start blogging until I was preggo with my third and that was on blogger. I was still alone there. 😉 WordPress is totally different in that you can easily meet others with similar interests and lifesytles. LOVE this site…and I’m so glad we met. xoxo

    • Valerie! I’m also glad we met here in this space! This is just what is great about blogging and WordPress. I believe everything happens for a reason. With your third child, the timing was right to begin to blog. I love your perspective because you are a mom with children older than my little boy. Have a good night! Xox

      • Thanks so much. ❤
        I agree that things happen for a reason…I just wish there'd been a reason for me to have started blogging years ago! 😉

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  6. I’ve found I’m most comfortable writing about writing, but I also blog about parenting and health/fitness topics occasionally, too. Writing for me is a hobby, and I blog for some form of regular writing practice and accountability. I do write with followers in mind, since blogging is a public forum, and writing for a selected audience is a skill worth honing.

    Blogs are very personal, but also very public. I love reading your mommy posts. xo

    • Gwen! Thank you! I also enjoy reading your blog. So true that writing for a selected audience is a skill. This is what can make any form of writing a challenge. Xox

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