Denial- 18 months What??!!

I am in denial.

Two examples of my denial:

1- Me getting Ale ready for day care: “Ale, why do your clothes fit you so funny? Is this a short sleeved shirt? I think your pants shrunk in the wash. Stop squirming so much silly guy, your shirt won’t go over your head! What is going on with your shoes today?”

Um hello! Wake up! The clothing tags clearly say- 9 months, your son is 18 months!!

2- Me: “Ale! Look at all of your toys. You have so many nice things. Why don’t you play with Sophie the Giraffe?”

Ale : “Truck!”

Me: “What? You can say truck? When did that happen?

Um, hello! The boy loved Sophie six months ago. He has moved on and wants a truck to play with! AND he can tell you that he wants to play with it.


I can hear Ale as an older kid, “Mom! What do you know about ____? That was so six months ago. Get with it!”. Now I understand why parents seem so out of touch to their kids. They are just having trouble (aka: denial) with keeping up with all of their changes, new likes, wants. It happens way too fast. At a speed that’s incomprehensible.

As with any denial, I must now come to terms with the fact that Ale is 18 months. First step is to give him a long look over and acknowledge that he is truly a toddler and is almost getting too heavy to hold comfortably in my arms. Second step is to go buy Ale some new clothes and a toy truck! Finally, the third step is to play with him, give him lots of tickles and just enjoy him in all of his 18 month old glory.

3 thoughts on “Denial- 18 months What??!!

  1. Haha, so relate with you on this!! I will sometimes be confused as to why something isn’t fitting right or why he doesn’t play with a toy!! *sigh* it happens too fast… 😉

  2. I totally know what you are saying! Where does the time go right? My son is turning 10 months and I literally feel like I just had him. They grow too fast!

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