Hello Summer!

Even though today it’s dark, rainy and in the high 50’s it was HOT this past Tuesday. It was typical New York City hot- in the 80’s and a bit humid. Everyone was out and about in flip flops.

After nap time. I packed Ale’s bag with snacks, a towel and an extra change of clothing. I whisked him into his room and changed him into swimming trunks (swim diaper underneath) and covered him in sunscreen. Then I put on his feet the adorable flip flops with red crabs I bought recently. That was a mistake as he just looked at his feet and screamed. Then he walked around the apartment like Frankenstein.

When the Frankenstein walk resumed to the normal toddler waddle we headed to the playground. The playground was jumping! It was filled with ecstatic kids. The sprinklers were on!

Ale at first did not know what to make of this mayhem. Kids running in all directions laughing with joy. He just stood there in front of the sprinklers looking overwhelmed. He wanted me to hold him.

What is great about having a kid is that I can do silly things with Ale and no one bats an eye. Off came my sandals, I rolled up my jeans and got right in there and started splashing. Slowly Ale stuck his little toes in the puddle. Then his hands went through the undulating sprinklers. Next thing I knew Ale was running through the sprinklers laughing and shouting out for joy.

After 45 minutes of water madness I had to pull him out because he was turning purple and shivering. He had so much fun. In fact, fun is an understatement.

So, Summer if you are reading this post- please come back. Ale desperately wants to run through the sprinklers again.
By the way: His mama wants to get her feet wet too.


5 thoughts on “Hello Summer!

  1. In case if summer did read you post please ask her to come to London too. Great post!

  2. Haha! I have yet to buy Samuel any sandals because he refuses any footwear he is unfamiliar with! Hope you get some summer temps again soon! We have ’em here!!

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