What is with little boys obsession with tucks? I remember as a little girl myself watching boys play with cars and trucks and thinking– what are they doing? They look so silly. Now that I have a little boy I kind of, sort of understand it in a round about way. Vehicles are big and loud and fast and can come in vibrant colors. That’s where my understanding ends.

Before having Ale I thought that the car/ truck thing came from society and the parents in particular pushing on to boys “gender appropriate” toys. By the way- I studied gender in college- I know these things. So at home for Ale I had many gender neural toys and two wooden cars that were up on a shelf in his room. Then one day we were outside and Ale saw a small plastic toy car. He walked right up to it and began pushing the car and making “mmmvrroom” sound. I was floored. That day the wooden cars came off the shelf.

Now when we are out and about Ale gives me a traffic report from the comfort of his stroller. A loud rumble to the left- Ale leans out confirms his suspicion, points and shouts excitedly- TRUCK! At the corner we wait for the light to change to cross the street and a bus rolls by – BUS! At the park swinging on the swings as he swings up he looks towards the sky – PLANE! To all of these situations I say to him “Yes! That’s right sweet baby. That’s a TRUCK! BUS! or PLANE!”

In the end its great because my little man alerts everyone around us to the big vehicle that is racing in our direction.


2 thoughts on “TRUCK! PLANE! BUS!

  1. Boys are boys! My son isn’t a loud person, but makes lots of noise with his toys and is very rough with them! My girlie is one of dress up and compassion and has been that way forever. I don’t like pink or shoes, etc and I never taught her to, it was just natural 🙂

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