Go, Go! Go Away!


Ale has entered a huge stranger danger phase. He suddenly has become very clingy and we can not leave his sight for one moment. This unfortunately makes Ale a horrible party host.

On Monday I gathered many of my friends from work to come to my home for a BBQ. We are nurses and all women. This means we have our periods together, ovulate at about the same time and get pregnant within one month of each other. There were about eight of us who were pregnant at the same time so our children are the same age. We all wanted to get together and have the babies splash together in the kiddy pool.

When 4pm came and the doorbell began to ring ushering in 15 moms with their babies and kids from 4 weeks to 9 years old Ale was not happy with the invasion. He also told them so when they greeted him at the door. It would go like this:

Me holding Ale.

Friend : “Hi Ale! How are you?”

Ale : “No!” And turn his head into my chest.

Friend: “Ale, Do you want to play with my son?”

Ale: “No! Go, go! Go away! Go away!”

Fantastic! The poor guy said this throughout the evening. This made my job as grill master very difficult. As I tried to flip burgers and roast carrots Ale insisted that I hold him and three of his favorite trucks at the same time. When my husband came home I was more than happy to see him! The little guy then stayed with Papa and mingled with him.

I don’t blame Ale. I remember wanting to hide under my mothers’s dress when we had many people at home or in unfamiliar situations. I too was attached to the hip with her and in many ways I still am. This is yet another phase that I have to be strong and guide my little guy with love and support. It just breaks my heart to see him desperately cry.


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  1. The attachment can be so rough. My youngest wouldn’t even go to his Papa. It’s still pretty brutal but sometimes when he actually does leave me… Well, that’s even worse. Hang in there Mama!

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