All My Earthly Possessions


Within the last two weeks Ale has discovered that the toys that he has been playing with belong to him. He has possessions. The favorite items are of course, a fire truck, airplane, a blue truck, and three cars. All of these items must go everywhere with him. To bed, to the supermarket, to daycare and the park. To transport them they must all be in his arms and papa and I are the only ones who can carry them when a car rolls out of his hands.

Ale is learning his place in the world around him and is seeking security. I think this discovery of the notion that things belong to him falls in line with his super clingy state with me. In the end I am ultimately another one of his positions that comfort him, has fun with and makes him feel safe.

I think I’m going to get him a backpack so he can carry his beloved vehicles with ease. It’s a shame I can’t fold myself up and and go along everywhere with him.

One thought on “All My Earthly Possessions

  1. I can’t agree more with your last line. Aly is also at this stage so we do give her a little backpack for her to carry stuff around in.

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