Daily Prompt: Dream Home


Daily Prompt: Dream Home
You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Poor Ale was given a future thinking mom. This means it’s impossible for me to live in the present. I’m always thinking of the next thing, the next step, five years from now. So I want to nix the idea of how to build my dream home because I would build it, live in it for a few years and then I would set my sights for my next dream home.

However, just last week I was thinking of moving out of NYC. We went away to Cape Cod. I love going there. Its quaint, and by the ocean. I looked at real estate magazines saw that it was feasible. We could escape the crazy NYC school system of zoned schools, charter schools, and specialized schools. There would just been one good school to go. Ale could live a carefree, suburban, New England life. We would have a HOUSE! More space! What about jobs- that was the tricky part but we could figure something out. We could make it happen!!

Then we came back home. For once, the reality of the present set in. We have a great apartment, in a good neighborhood- with good schools. We have good jobs, with family and friends close by. I grew up in NYC and I’m just fine. Ale will be fine as well. We can always return to Cape Cod for vacations.

Now that the moving to Cape Cod idea can be put to rest…… I can go back to planing my next project- renovating my bathroom in my current home sweet home!