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old school

Its Friday so I’m kicking it back- way back! Its time for some old school blogging!
Lets do some lists of 5 thanks to Erica from Nannypology.

Here we go!

Five Things I Have a Passion For:
1- Anything to do with my little guy- Ale. He brings me the greatest joy.
2-I’m a Labor and Delivery RN- a passion for beautiful, safe and healthy pregnancies and births.
3- My home.- My home is my sacred safe place.
4- My husband and mom- they are my life.
5- Food, music, books and travel- these are my escapes!

5 Things I’d like to do before I die.
1- Make sure Ale is an independent, educated, well rounded and respectful individual.
2- Renovate an old home.
3- Travel to India.
4- Run/walk the NYC Marathon

5-Travel to La Tierra de Fuego

5 Things I Say a Lot:
1- Awesome!
2- Really?
3- OK
4- What are we having for dinner?
5- Ale

5 Books/ Magazines I Have Read Recently:
1- Gone Girl
2- Game of Thrones books 1 &2
3- The New Yorker
4- A Visit From the Goon Squad
5- The Midwife

5 Favorite Movies:– I’m going to pass- I’m not a movie person- sorry!

5 Places I’d love to Travel:
1- India
2- Spain
3- The American Southwest
4- Japan

Now I challenge you to do some Old School Blogging! Can I get 5 participants?
Just add your link to the comments below.

Happy Friday Everyone!


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