Sunday was a beautiful day in New York City. The temp was in the low 80s and no humidity. We spent the afternoon in our patio playing and splashing in the kiddy pool. My husband ended the evening with opening a container of chocolate ice cream. Alejandro’s eyes lit up. The baby who does not eat anything said “Yea! Yum yum cupcake!”. We gave him the ice cream and he just ate three spoonfuls. He never, never, ever over eats. In my mind he can have whatever he likes.

Later that day I made a comment to someone about how I knew that Ale’s equating the ice cream to cupcakes came directly from his daycare. I know that once Ale goes to daycare this is out of my hands. This person said that I must demand the daycare to not allow Ale to eat any sweets there at all. I think this approach is extreme.

If there is a birthday party at daycare should I exclude my little boy from the festivities which usually involves cupcakes? Really? What harm does this have? As long as he knows this is a special occasion and his diet does not revolve around cupcakes.

I guess I believe in moderation. I feel that if I don’t expose him to some sweets he will later go off and binge on these unhealthy foods. A spoonful of ice cream here and there and an occasional cupcake won’t put him over the edge.

Am I too liberal???

Mama’s, what do you do with sweets?


10 thoughts on “NO CUPCAKES!

  1. I agree with you. I don’t think any foods should be off limits unless allergy is involved. Just as long as you teach your child that there are foods that are ok all the time and foods that are ok sometimes I think the occasional indulgence is fine.

  2. I work at a daycare and when we have children bring in cupcakes depending on the age parents bring in the mini ones and the big ones or even a cake sometimes. But being a teacher and a mom we know for the little kids to shave off half of the frosting if its the big ones but if its the mini ones we give them one or two. so having one occasionally isn’t bad at all.

  3. I don’t buy the “heavy” junk food varieties (potato chips, cookies, cakes). But when we’re out I let my kids indulge. It’s a part of our culture, and they’re going to be exposed to it no matter where they go. My kids are older, to I do a lot of teaching about the value of good nutrition.

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