Tuesdays With Ale: Toddlerwearing


This Tuesday was a typical summer Tuesday. Ale and I met up with two other mamas and their little boys at a pool. So much fun was had laughing and splashing in the cold water. What made this Tuesday special was that I decided to get the Ergo carrier out of the closet and catch the bus over to the pool. Our car was getting serviced, the subway called for too many transfers, and the stroller is too cumbersome on a NYC bus. The ergo was the best option for travel with Ale.

Right before we left our apartment I showed Ale the Ergo and explained to him that he would not ride in his stroller. He was so happy to see it again that he began jumping up and down saying “Yeah! yeah, yeah!”. He climbed right in. I was worried he would not remember the carrier or would not want to be carried in it. Recently I have only used it as a restraint on airplanes.

It was so wonderful to be out and about with Ale close to me in the Ergo. We could talk to each other easily and I could feel his happiness. On the bus he sat with me and looked out the window. He commented on the passing vehicles.

On the way back home Ale took a 20 minute nap. There is nothing as sweet as having a sleeping baby( toddler) close to you. I was in mama heaven.

For Ale’s first year we almost never used the stroller. It was just easier to go out with Ale in the Ergo. It made me feel independent and its was reassuring to have him so close. Ale now weighs around 25 pounds. I was surprised as to how comfortable it was to still wear him in the front. When he can follow commands a bit better he can be carried on my back.

I’m looking forward to more toddlerwearing days!

3 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Ale: Toddlerwearing

  1. Wow, that’s impressive that you carried him around since he weighs so much. My son weighs like 28lbs and so I know that wasn’t the easiest load. But like you said, you were in Mama Heaven with him so close to you. 🙂 I am sure it made it all worth it.

  2. I love baby wearing too but have stopped recently due to Aly’s weight. I agree the interaction is great and it was such a convenient way of getting out and about when she was younger!

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