Drink Your Coffee


Almost every morning I have an abandoned half empty coffee cup in the kitchen or on the dining table. Hours later my husband reminds me about it and wonders why I do this. He asks, ” Is the coffee bad? Do you not like coffee any more? Why are you so wasteful?”. My answer to my bewildered husband is that I get distracted.

Distracted? Yes. While I truly want to have that blissful morning moment where I sit down and drink my coffee my brain won’t let me. I’m constantly thinking of the next thing I should be doing- get ready for work, tasks around the house, errands I have to run, phone calls I have to make. Then there is Ale who calls out “Mama!” from the bedroom or calls “Mama!” while hanging from my leg. Then I go into mama mode and get Ale ready for the day. So I get distracted from my coffee.

My advice is the following- don’t have kids. They turn your brain to mush. While pregnant you have pregnancy brain and you start to forget little things and you can laugh about it- Oh! Dear where did I leave my keys? Then if you breastfeed forget it – here comes the worse memory loss similar to dementia- milk brain. You can’t remember a dam thing. If you are engorged you are just useless. Who is the President of the United States? No idea and who cares! All you know is that you must feed the baby or pump NOW! Then comes mama brain where you only remember things related to your child. Your brain is a huge sieve and filters out almost everything.

The crazy part is that if I did have my compleat cup of coffee I would be a bit sharper.

Now where is that cup? I could reheat it….


Oh Well…

4 thoughts on “Drink Your Coffee

  1. As I sit here, enjoying my coffee… about halfway finished… I chuckle at the number of times my husband has found my coffee… sometimes still sitting on the Keurig, untouched… and asked why I make coffee if I’m not going to drink it. My son is two months old and I have now established a “coffee time” during his morning nap. Thank goodness.

    Best of luck in your coffee endeavors!

  2. Thank goodness for microwaves, right? Moms of the past had to drink it cold! Fun and funny post, and one I’m sure moms across the country can relate to. Men sometimes (no, most of the time) have no idea how much we working moms do in a day. I hope the universe lets me come back as a man next time around….

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