How Social Is Your Blog?

High five to the other undercover bloggers out there like me! Yes, you read that right I am an undercover mommy blogger. Meaning- only a handful of people know that I blog about being a mommy to Ale. I choose to go undercover as I wanted to build an audience of people who don’t know me at all and are truly attracted to what I write here at WordPress.

I began blogging in March and my blog is slowing increasing its audience. I’m so happy and having a lot of fun. Often, however, I think I should be doing more to promote my blog.

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Recently I have been thinking of adding a Facebook page or a Google+ page. Then I think of the additional work that it may require. But… this may be a lot of fun and it could increase blog traffic. Just yesterday the WordPress Daily Post published a post on how and why a blogger should create a Facebook fan page- Should Your Blog Be on Facebook?: The Nuts and Bolts of Fan Pages  Many great tips and info was offers but I would like to hear from you- my fellow readers.

Have you linked your blog to other social media platforms? What has been your experience?

Are you also an undercover mommy/daddy blogger?

Do you have any tips to share regarding promoting your blog?

Thanks everyone!


15 thoughts on “How Social Is Your Blog?

  1. I just started blogging in July and have only told a handful of friends so far. I’m also learning how to get my pinterest, twitter, etc linked up. I try to just read other blogs I like, comment when I have something to say and hope to build from there. I’ll be reading the other comments to see what other bloggers recommend! Good luck to you!

  2. Since mine’s a writing blog, I only promote it in various writing circles. Most of my friends and family are not aspiring writers, so they really wouldn’t relate to anything I post. I think start by asking yourself what your goal for this blog is. Who are you blogging for, and what do you ultimately want to come of it? What would be the pros and cons of increasing your reading audience? The more you expand into other platforms, the more upkeep required. You have to decide if that’s a good thing.

  3. I have been an undercover mommy blogger since March too. Then I also read that blog post by daily post and it stirred what had already been simmering from other bloggers going that route. I just published a Facebook page today, actually, for my blog and I feel very exposed. But I’m trying to get over that and just be proud of what i write regardless if the people I know think its ridiculous.

    • Hello fellow undercover mommy blogger! I really wish that post on Facebook did not happen. This was something I was just thinking of as a possibility for the next upcoming months. As you said, there is something about Facebook that makes you feel more exposed. I need to decide if I want to come out of the blogger closet. Congrats on your new Facebook page! You have a great blog!!

  4. I asked a blogger who has over a 1000 followers what is her secret. She said it is important to write posts that others feel they can share. So the topic would be something that many can relate to.
    It is interesting that I am giving advice here. I started my blog less than 2 months ago. HAHA
    I wanted to share with you how I found your blog because that can also be helpful information but I am not sure… I have so many windows opened.
    Maybe through journey2dfuture…?
    Oh and yes I am on Facebook but only because I wanted my Hungarian friends who are interested in my blog to know about the new posts. I do not even know how to follow others as Kukolina and I feel very strange when someone specifically writes on my blog saying they are following me on Facebook and now it is my turn to show love…
    My name is Eszter by the way. I should have started my long comment by introducing myself. 😛

    • Hi Estzer! I’m Edith. Thanks for your comment! Yes, it’s important to write about topics that are more universal. That however is really hard! That is the hardest. There are posts that I love and feel very passionate about and they don’t seem to gain momentum. Then I post a photo and it gets many likes and views. Also its great to learn that you found my blog on journey2dfuture. Networking is key! Anyway, I am happy I found your blog tonight. Really fun!

  5. I’m undercover mommy/writing blogger! Just started blogging again last week with a new blog site. I used to have a blog that was connected to my Google+, FB, and Twitter accounts. I had a great following! But too many IRL people started following. They got in my head and it stopped feeling like my blog. So I’m starting over and keeping it simple. My new blog is linked to a new twitter account with a small following. That’s it. I’m going for slow build and small following. Good luck deciding what you want to do!! Love your blog!!

  6. I’m also an undercover mommy blogger. Most of the people who read my blog don’t know me personally and I rarely share the fact that I blog with my friends. Have decided against a Facebook page because that will expose me to the world! :p

    Will be following you on twitter!

    • Zee! You are undercover? I would never have guessed this! You have such a beautiful blog! I agree Facebook may be too much. I’m keeping it simple. Thanks for the Twitter follow!! 🙂

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