Slippers Vs. Stilettos: The Working Mom/Stay-At-Home-Mom Feud

This afternoon I stopped by Jeannine’s blog, Highchairs & Headaches and read her post below on the working mom versus the stay at home mom debate. As a working mom I too often get caught up thinking that the grass is greener. However we all know that is not always true. So mamas everywhere let’s just remember we are all ultimately on the same bumpy road of motherhood/parenting! Thanks for posting this Jeannine!

Highchairs & Headaches


There’s a war going on out there, ladies, and it ain’t a pretty one.  Moms– awesome women who should always be united on the sippy cup front, who should stand together as one in all of the trials and tribulations of motherhood —are currently battling it out in a bitter feud so controversial that I almost didn’t want to weigh in.  Almost.

The working mom verses the stay-at-home-mom thing.  You know all about it, girls.  It’s a major source of tension between mamas these days.  From sisters to best friends, to strangers, to people who are closer on Facebook than they’ll ever be in real life, we are ALL guilty of it.  Whichever end of the rope you find yourself on, you can just go ahead and admit to having the occasional feelings of jealousy, animosity, resentment, and even actual anger for the other side at some point or…

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