Snowy Days

Let it snow! Let it snow! We have been getting hit hard by the snow here in New York and all along the east coast. I generally enjoy more the warmer months but now that we have Ale the winter has become fun again. I love experiencing all of the joy and excitement that the snow brings with him . Since it’s been cold (right now it’s 19*F !) and it’s remains cold the snow’s enchantment stays longer before it melts into brown muck. Everywhere you look its a winter wonderland.

Last weekend for we went to Massachusetts for a short escape from the city. It was just lovely. We went for long walks in the woods and Ale was able to build a snowman with Papa’s help.

So, yes- let it snow, let it snow! Let the fun and the magical beauty of winter continue.



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3 thoughts on “Snowy Days

  1. We have it cold here too. You 19f sounds warm its -9f here at the moment. We had an ice storm last weekend we have so much black ice its a hazard to even leave the house.
    No sign of it warming up at least in till the end of next week. 😦
    We dont care much for the cold weather. V falls over and get wet gloves and then cries in till we go home.
    Ale looks like hes having blast!

  2. It has def been way too cold! I look forward to when the boys are a little older and can play in the snow! I did take a handful in to let them touch it! I didn’t realize you lived somewhat close to me!…. enjoy the snow! I can’t wait for the spring! 😉

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