Bullet Journal

Today I’ve been at home on the sofa with a cold. Ale is at daycare so at least I have time to recover.

Even though I’m not feeling well I still feel the need to take on a project. In my quest for the perfect journaling/task management system I came upon the Bullet Journal system. I have been trying to move away from apps on my iPhone and go back to pen and paper. I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook and had four notebooks stuffed within the leather cover. I had a calendar notebook, a todo notebook, daily thoughts notebook, and a notebook for notes. Way too many. So far I have reduced it to two. One for my monthly calendar that is essential for my work schedule and a Bullet Journal that will incorporate the rest. It looks pretty bare bones right now. Later when I have time I’m going to add some washi tape to liven it up. (Yes, I am the biggest nerd ever. Even at my thirty something age!)

Check out the developer, Ryder Carroll, web page and be sure to watch the video.


Now to take of myself- I’m going to make cream of tomato soup. Yum!


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2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal

  1. Aww, I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is never fun, especially if it’s one of those lingering sickness. Creamy tomato soup sounds yum! I make a veggie/quinoa tomato based soup for the kids and me about twice a week, Dana won’t touch the stuff, he hates tomato based soups.

    • Thank you! The veggie/quinoa soup sounds amazing! I would love it but my son is the worse eater in the world. I made really great things but he refuses it all. Pasta, Pasta. Very frustrating.

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