What My Toddler Thinks


I have often wondered what my little two year old son Ale thinks of certain situations. I worry about him having fun, feeling comfortable, and I make sure he is well fed and has his water bottle close to him at all times. I find my role as mama is to constantly provide Ale with a safe environment and provide him with nice toddler experiences. Life is so new and exciting that I want him to live it to the fullest. I often think I go to extremes to make sure Ale has a good time wherever we go. However, I’m confident that his train of thought is pretty much the following in just about all we do– except for when we go to the supermarket:

This is fun! Where is mama? There she is! Truck! Car! Truck! Hahaha! Papa is funny! Mama, did you see what Papa did? Truck! Wow! Train! A horse! This is fun! Mine!!!! MAMA! Where is Mama? There she is! Boo! This is fun! Jumping! Milk, mama. Nap time. Yes, fun!

If I’m right that this is Ale’s current perspective I’m confident that so far we are awesome parents!

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Monday, February 3, 2013
Write about an event that happened today. Now write about it from the perspective of someone else in the room — your child, your partner, a person dining in the same restaurant… your choice.

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