Tuesday With Ale: Walking Down The Street

In the afternoon after being cooped up in the apartment all day it was time to venture out. It was too cold and icy for the park so what is the next best thing? A trip to the hardware store! The hardware store is just three blocks away so I decided to turn it to an adventure and ditch the stroller.

We suited up in our winter finery and out we went. With a toddler with little legs the three blocks suddenly appeared a mile. There was so much to stop to look at and examine. Up in the sky flew helicopters and birds. A truck zoomed up the street. Numerous gray blocks of city ice to pick up and to crush with booted feet. Dog poop to avoid. People in a hurry to pass by us. Then finally in the hardware store shiny things to pull down from shelves and isles cramped with interesting tools. Thank goodness the owner knows us and high fives Ale when we go in or else he may have been less forgiving about a small rack of key chains that was pulled off the wall.

Once we paid for our things back on to the street we went. Ale wanted to turn left to go home “This way home!” and was frustrated that it was to the right. He then looked up and saw the familiar corner of our block and walked along with me again. He was fantastic about crossing the street. Every city mom’s fear is that their child will just run into the traffic. With my gloved hand with his little hand in a mitten we carefully crossed the streets. By the time we returned to our building the little man probably did feel that we walked a mile. He was ready to be carried.

Our adventure to the hardware store was fun. I think we both had a sense of freedom without the stroller. I loved the feeling of walking down the street with my little boy. Oh! The places that we will go! Next thing I know he will be leading me to and from.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday With Ale: Walking Down The Street

  1. I loved reading this ! Thank you for sharing.
    Does Ale hold your hand all the way? Vinnie out right refuses. And most recently he insists on walking in the road. Lucky for us we live in a very small village and hardly any cars pass by on our walk and if they do I scoop him up.
    just this past walk I made a point of him walking on the pavement but it was tough going we had a lot of melt down in the defrosting wet slushy snow. Oh the dirt on his snow suit.

    • Thanks! No, he does not hold my hand all the way. He wants to run! I usually have to chase him to the corner and hold his hand only while crossing the street. On tuesday for once he did not protest.

  2. My lil guy loves walking on his own with hand held….such a feeling of freedom for both mama and baby! And they are so adorable looking and feeling so independent. My daughter used to love going to Lowe’s, especially all the model baths and kitchens 🙂

  3. Thankfully, I have one little who is a constant hand-holder. He immediately holds my hand when we go for a walk, or a trip to the store… my heart will ache when he too thinks he’s grown.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us via Mommy Monday!

    *I should state my middle baby {baby girl} is still a hand-holder but sometimes she wants to be like her big sister.
    Keep cherishing these beautiful moments

    • Thank you for stopping by! I too will be super sad when the day comes and Ale does not want to hold my hand. Now I hold it as long as I can. I love Mommy Monday! Great link up! I have met great bloggers. Thanks for hosting it each week!

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