Mirror Mirror


Over the last few days Ale has begun to conceive the concept of self. It’s so amazing. He is finally beginning to say his name when looking at photos. Then this week he pointed to a photo and said “Me!”. I nearly fell over. Prior to this he would say, mama, papa, would say nothing at all or laugh.

This morning he stood at the mirror in our bedroom. He said, “Me! Ale!”. Ale then pointed at his reflection and began making faces and just began laughing at himself.

Watch out world. Ale is truly becoming a person to recon with!

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I Won! I Won!

A few weeks ago Journey2dfuture did her first giveaway. The prize was Gourmesso coffee. What mama does not need a little more coffee? So I entered and won! Whoo! Hoo! Happy Dance!

My package of two samples from Gourmesso arrived on Monday. I asked to try tarrazu forte- strong coffee to get me ready and out the door. The other soffio cioccolato- coffee with chocolate! This would be for an afternoon coffee after the playground when it’s really mama who needs a nap but must keep going.

Here are my unboxing photos.

The coffee is beautifully packaged and smells heavenly. But, wait! They are capsules, only compatible with the Nespresso machine. I don’t have that super expensive coffee machine. No fear. I am a resourceful mama. The foil top will come off and I will pour the luscious smelling coffee into my trusty stove top espresso maker.


Thank you Journey2dfuture! — be sure to stop by her blog!

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Nothing To Blog About

In January like many of us I had big plans for my blog. I wanted to blog everyday and participate more on WordPress. My attempt at NaBloPoMo failed miserably. I just could not keep up with blogging, working and mama-ing. For those women- you know who you are- who blog and have a full schedule I give you kudos. I’m not there. And will most likely never reach that. There I said it.

I think another reason I’m not blogging as frequently is that things have been going quite well here. Ale is eating slightly better, sleeping longer and is just blossoming into a super fun toddler. Yes, he does throw himself on the floor every once in a while, yes “mine!” is frequently heard but it’s all fine and normal. In the end I’m not as sleep deprived and happier. Ale is also becoming more independent. He can be left a lone for five to ten minutes. I can actually finish my cup of coffee in the morning. A sigh of relief! This all my be the calm before the storm but I’m just fine with the way things are right now.

Another reason (excuse) is that we have been stuck inside all winter. Do you really want to read about how many Barney and Umizumies episodes Ale has watched? Soon the weather will be warmer and we will be out and about avoiding the iPad at all costs!

Since I’m not blogging as much, I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures. So don’t be a slacker like me, keep it coming! 🌞

Happy Friday everyone!



Finally! The snow has thawed and temperatures are above 50 degrees in New York City. The kids have all busted down their apartment doors and have run full speed to the nearest playground. Today the sandbox was packed. Even the parents were wearing sunglasses and had their toes in the sand while the little ones fought over last year’s dollar store shovels and pails.

Ale ran wild with the other toddlers suffering from too much Barney and Caillou streaming on Netflix. He could not decide where to go first. The sandbox! The slide! or the swings! To top it off he could now climb the monkey bars. He has grown a lot since our last visit to the park. Taller and stronger. The playground has much more to offer now.

It’s supposed to snow a bit on Monday. No fear. This is March, it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Spring is right around the corner. Yea!

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Off The Radar


Most of my friends from college are thirty something attractive women who do not have kids or are just starting (hopefully) serious relationships. Since I’ve had Ale I have slowly fallen off their radar. If they want to get together it’s at a piano bar at 9pm. Not happening with a toddler. They insist I should check out the piano bar anyway- when I have a chance. Again, not happening.

Last night, however, I did meet up with one really good friend in the neighborhood for Thai. It was at 7pm. I made sure Ale ate his four fish sticks before I left. I would then return home in time to put him to bed at 9pm.

I left home and while walking over to the resturant I suddenly became very anxious. What does this mom talk about with a single and childless woman? This sounds absurd because I should have been jumping for joy and feeling liberated. A night out! A break from the toddler and routine! Instead I felt a bit lost.

It amazes me how much my little boy has transformed my life. He is my sun and I’m his satellite. Thankfully, my friend is wonderful and the conversation flowed easily and we caught up on each others lives. Happily I returned home and was greeted by an ecstatic “Mama!”.

As much as I romanticize about the grass being greener – all the movies, night outs with my friends, and the amazing restaurants that I’m missing- I really don’t want to be anywhere else than with my husband and little boy.

But…. A night out with my husband is most definitely due! Hopefully we can paint the town red soon and be home in time for a 6:30am wake up call!

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