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Most of my friends from college are thirty something attractive women who do not have kids or are just starting (hopefully) serious relationships. Since I’ve had Ale I have slowly fallen off their radar. If they want to get together it’s at a piano bar at 9pm. Not happening with a toddler. They insist I should check out the piano bar anyway- when I have a chance. Again, not happening.

Last night, however, I did meet up with one really good friend in the neighborhood for Thai. It was at 7pm. I made sure Ale ate his four fish sticks before I left. I would then return home in time to put him to bed at 9pm.

I left home and while walking over to the resturant I suddenly became very anxious. What does this mom talk about with a single and childless woman? This sounds absurd because I should have been jumping for joy and feeling liberated. A night out! A break from the toddler and routine! Instead I felt a bit lost.

It amazes me how much my little boy has transformed my life. He is my sun and I’m his satellite. Thankfully, my friend is wonderful and the conversation flowed easily and we caught up on each others lives. Happily I returned home and was greeted by an ecstatic “Mama!”.

As much as I romanticize about the grass being greener – all the movies, night outs with my friends, and the amazing restaurants that I’m missing- I really don’t want to be anywhere else than with my husband and little boy.

But…. A night out with my husband is most definitely due! Hopefully we can paint the town red soon and be home in time for a 6:30am wake up call!

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6 thoughts on “Off The Radar

  1. Haha oh well this is the life of a mum! Not that I would exchange it for anything in the world though!

    I hope life has been good!

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