Grandma & La Abuela


When I was a child I was lucky to just know my mother’s mother- grandma. My other grandparents passed away before I was born. In many ways I feel like I know them all from the stories and the very few photos we have of them.

Now that I have Ale I was thrilled that he would have two grandparents. My mother -Grandma and my husband’s mother La Abuela. La Abuela spent to weeks with us. Now she has to go back home. Unfortunately she lives far away. I wanted to make sure Ale spent as much time with her as possible during this visit. I know he won’t remember the visit but he will remember the stories and the photos. La Abuela will go back knowing all that she did with him and remember Ale’s infectious laugh.


My precious, precious little boy. He is all that matters.

Since he is asleep, I’ll take the moment to nap also. I still feel horrible. Tomorrow I go to the dr. I can’t wait to pick up antibiotics. I have a nasty sinus infection that has kicked my butt.

Despite it all I happily jump out of bed at 6 in the morning to read with Ale – Bob the Builder, & Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. For him i can even muster the energy to take him to story and song time at the YMCA.

Now I sleep with my sweet boy.

I’m still not feeling well. I made a dr’s appointment for Wednesday. My mother in law is here and helping out a ton. Ale is having a lot of fun with her. I’m not 100% but its cozy at home.

Ale is so sweet. I told him that I needed lots of kisses to get better. He then gave me a big wet one on my cheek. I definitely felt better!

Well remember how Ale was sick at the beginning of the week—- Guess what- now I’m sick!

Today I’m staying home from work curled in my bed reading and coughing.

I tell you these day care germs are tough! This year I seem to catch the tail end of all of Ale’s colds. Plus it does not help that I sleep about 4 hours a night since my little man wakes up about 20,000 times.

His sleeping habits are getting bad again. He out right refuses to sleep in his crib. He just crawls into our bed. I give up and let him stay as I’m so sleepy. My husband and I talk of Ale sleeping in his crib AND in his room like its something so far off and impossible.

The goal is to get him in his room by the summer.

Any tips, thoughts on how I can do this?

Ale is sick. He has a fever, cough and won’t eat a thing. I was with him today and he just clung to me. He only wanted to be at the breast. I’m not breast feeding any more but he still goes for comfort and gets a an ounce of milk at best.

It’s simply horrible to see him sick. When his dad came home he wanted to play and read but that wiped him out fast.

Now he is in bed (our bed ) asleep and covered in Vic’s baby rub.

This afternoon. I was drawing up liquid Motrin for him. Ale saw me and then all of a sudden he began to throw up. I think he just did not want the med. He HATES taking the Motrin . I really think he worked himself up and threw up. He has not done it again since. My poor guy. He is turning into a baby div(o)!!

Thankfully tomorrow I am off work again so I’ll be at home with Ale. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take him to daycare. So I’ll cuddle with him and read my book.