Two Toddler Moments

1- Today when we came home from daycare Ale insisted that I help him walk up the stairs to our apartment. He no longer wants to crawl up. So I supported his arms and he used his little legs to climb each step. When he reached the top he gave a laugh of victory! We high fived! He then he entered our apt, walked straight to the TV, pointed and said “Bob!” (Bob the Builder).

2- On Sunday we went out to lunch. Ale ate his organic all beef hotdog and eyed my friend’s guacamole. I let Ale try it. His eyes lit up, grabbed the spoon from my hand and attacked the plate. He could not have enough. When he ate it all he looked at me like -Mama? What happened to it?

The little bugger has not touched an avocado in months. It was one of his first foods. I mashed it with pears. It was delicious. Then came the pincer grasp and the beloved avocado was too slippery to hold between is fingers in slices. From that point on he refused to eat any more mashed or puréed foods.

So now I’m excited! Avocados have finally made their comeback! Whoo Hoo! I’m going to make guacamole for my little guy! Last night I made the guacamole making sure it looked like what he had on Sunday. I also tried it to make sure it tasted as good as it looked. I presented it to my little love with a huge smile. “Look Ale! Look what mama made for you!” Ale took one look, and shoved it away. UGHHHH!!!