Tuesday’s With Ale: Baking!


This Thursday is Ale’s 2nd birthday! Yes I have a Halloween baby. I now have a lifetime of Halloween parties to attend and plan.

Last year for Ale’s 1st birthday we did not really do anything special. This year he is more aware and loves cupcakes so I decided to go all out. We are going to to have a spooky birthday bash for my little guy.

The event will be in two phases. Halloween – the day of his birthday he will bring cupcakes to his daycare to eat with everyone during snack time. Then in the evening we will head out and enjoy the Halloween parade in our neighborhood. After the parade we will go home and eat more cupcakes with Ale so he can blow out his candles. The next phase of Ale’s super Halloween birthday will be over the weekend. Twenty of Ale’s and our friends will come to his birthday party to celebrate with him and eat yet even more cupcakes.

Needless to say I have a lot of baking to do! So this Tuesday with Ale we went to the park then hit the grocery store for supplies. When we came home Ale happily watched Dora the Explorer while I started my baking marathon. I made thirty cupcakes. The next round will be on Saturday.

Last night Ale tried one. He could not resist the chocolate and rainbow sprinkle frosting temptation. He took a bite and said, “Yum! Cupcake!”. The boy who lives off of air, kisses and spaghetti ate it all. He even asked for another. It looks like he approves of the cupcakes.