Let Me Introduce You To Grandma


Last Monday on the way to Ale’s daycare I told him that I was picking him up early. Grandma was coming to visit! To my surprise he said “grandma” over and over for the very first time. There he was in his stroller saying “grandma”. It was like he enjoyed the way the word rolled off his tongue and out of his mouth.

At 4pm sharp Grandma and I entered the daycare to pick up Ale. Ale sees us from the back of the play space and comes running towards us. This time he does not run to me, he runs to Grandma. He then turns to his favorite teacher and points to my mom and shouts “Grandma! Grandma!”.

Later that evening at home when Papa came home Ale introduced Grandma to him. He went up to Papa and pointed to my mom on the sofa and said “Grandma!”.

Needless to say, Ale made Grandma more than happy. She is always afraid that Ale will not remember her as they see each other only once or twice a month. Ale proved to her that she is much loved as “Grandma” made it into his list of important first words.

Banana !

Big Day! Today Ale said “banana” and “Bob again” – in reference to watching Bob the Builder. What will he say next!?