The Wild Beast

Putting Ale to sleep is like putting down a wild animal.

Bedtime begins with the brushing of teeth and a round of kisses to papa. Ale takes his 10oz bottle laced with rice cereal and we march to the bedroom. We climb into our bed and depending on how sleepy he is we read one or two books. We always finish with Goodnight Moon. After counting the three bears on chairs, locating the tiny mouse on each page and saying goodnight to the noises everywhere, I turn off the light. This is when the wild beast comes out. Ale will try to find the most comfy position in a queen size bed. To find this he will bang his head at least twice against the headboard- depending on how hard and how sleepy he will or will not cry. Then he flings and twists himself on the bed. He may even do a 360 spin- twice. He will grab his bottle again, or reach out to me to go to my breast. When finished with drinking or nursing for comfort he will do another twist and lay flat. He will then stick out his butt and the propeller legs come out. His legs do crazy high kicks while laying on his stomach. He will kick the mattress, the pillows, me, the blue stuffed dog next to him. This is like the grand finale of getting comfy on the queen sized bed. A sock will be flung off and the propeller legs will finally begin to slow to a halt. Then a toe will twitch, a final kick, his breathing evens out, the butt goes down, and then calm. One final kiss from mama and then pillow walls go up around him.

Sleep well my little beast, sleep well.