Fall Weekend

The last few weeks I have been stressed with work, looking into preschools and now I’m also planning Ale’s second birthday party. This past weekend was like an oasis for me. I had both Saturday and Sunday off from work and I made the best of it.

On Saturday my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We got tickets to take a beer tasting cruise on the Clipper City sailboat that goes around lower Manhattan. Grandma came to look after Ale while we were away.

It was a perfect fall day. It was sunny but not hot. The beers that we tried were fantastic sand the views were spectacular. We had a lot of fun on the two hour sail.

We generally don’t go on date nights together. We don’t even really have a babysitter so it was fantastic to get away and remember ourselves without Ale.

The following day, Sunday, we went to the Queens County Farm along with grandma. This is one of the largest surviving farms in New York City. What a delightful place! Ale loved the animals especially the chickens and the sheep. We went on a hayride and picked out a small pumpkin. To round out the fun the fall weekend I made an apple cake when we got home.

These are the kinds of days that keep me going!

Now I can go back to the grind- with a smile on my face.


Let Me Introduce You To Grandma


Last Monday on the way to Ale’s daycare I told him that I was picking him up early. Grandma was coming to visit! To my surprise he said “grandma” over and over for the very first time. There he was in his stroller saying “grandma”. It was like he enjoyed the way the word rolled off his tongue and out of his mouth.

At 4pm sharp Grandma and I entered the daycare to pick up Ale. Ale sees us from the back of the play space and comes running towards us. This time he does not run to me, he runs to Grandma. He then turns to his favorite teacher and points to my mom and shouts “Grandma! Grandma!”.

Later that evening at home when Papa came home Ale introduced Grandma to him. He went up to Papa and pointed to my mom on the sofa and said “Grandma!”.

Needless to say, Ale made Grandma more than happy. She is always afraid that Ale will not remember her as they see each other only once or twice a month. Ale proved to her that she is much loved as “Grandma” made it into his list of important first words.

Grandma & La Abuela


When I was a child I was lucky to just know my mother’s mother- grandma. My other grandparents passed away before I was born. In many ways I feel like I know them all from the stories and the very few photos we have of them.

Now that I have Ale I was thrilled that he would have two grandparents. My mother -Grandma and my husband’s mother La Abuela. La Abuela spent to weeks with us. Now she has to go back home. Unfortunately she lives far away. I wanted to make sure Ale spent as much time with her as possible during this visit. I know he won’t remember the visit but he will remember the stories and the photos. La Abuela will go back knowing all that she did with him and remember Ale’s infectious laugh.