Tuesday’s With Ale: Lollypops


This Tuesday Ale was due to get his flu shot. We arrived in the afternoon to his pediatrician’s office where we were quickly ushered down a flight of stairs to a large, cheery, but windowless room. There were a few toddlers stumbling about, a baby in his car seat and a two older kids horsing around on the stairs. This room contained a no mercy flu clinic. The nurse went around the room administering the vaccine to the kids she could catch. She operated like a one woman flu shot firing squad. All the screams and shouts were witnessed by all. There were no doors and no curtains.

Next up- Ale. While holding him down I removed his blue corduroy overalls to reveal his thigh. Then I suddenly was afraid for him. The sharp pain he was about to endure. I asked for a lollipop. The nurse gave me a look that said “Really?” and passed me a grape flavored organic lolly. She took the cap off the mini intramuscular syringe, took aim at Ale’s little thigh like a bullfighter going in for the kill. Then- stab! Ale started crying bloody murder. I quickly unwrapped that organic lolly and shoved it into his mouth. Between his sobs he said “Thank you mama. Yum!”. He then reached out for some wooden trucks. It was all good.

Next up- A four year old doe eyed girl who was watching Ale. She came over to me and said- “I’m a big girl. When you are big it does not hurt. He is little so he cried.”. That’s right little mama! Pre game!That’s the way to do it! Throw on some JayZ and psyche yourself up. It’s not gonna hurt! We can do this!! Then the nurse comes to her and takes aim. She starts crying and screaming No! The pinch is quick. Her dad slips her a lollypop. It’s all good.