Tuesdays With Ale


There are many reasons to complain about my job – that would require another entire blog post- but the one thing I can not say is that they are not flexible. Since I came back from maternity leave I have been granted to have Tuesdays free. Tuesdays have become my guaranteed day with Ale.

On Tuesday mornings we usually meet up with my friend and her daughter. We go to a music class for babies where they hear a story then they dance. It essentially turns into a baby disco.

On Monday I worked. I had a horrible day and came home close to 11pm. So this Tuesday I was exhausted. Plus the cold that I have been fighting all winter/spring (thanks to the daycare : AKA breeding ground for nasty germs) was back. I called my friend and told her we would skip the music class.

I was happy to skip it but then the fright came in. It’s 7:30am! What am I going to do all day with the little guy!? It’s RAINING outside!!!! Ok, it was just drizzling but that meant going to the park was out, plus I was not feeling well myself.

Ale and I are best buds so we just hung out and kept it low key. We watched a little Caillou. We had a dance party. Nap time came around, I read some blogs. At lunch time I even convinced the sweet little man to eat sardines!

When the drizzling stopped, we headed to the supermarket. On the way Ale marveled over each bus- especially the school buses-, truck or dog that went by. At the supermarket he saw the biggest pile of bananas ever and demanded a “nana” at the check out. He even helped me bag the items. On the way home I let him walk the block up to our apartment. Yes it took 15 min and yes I had to chase after him twice- no, five times- but he had so much fun. He laughed his full belly laugh. It was worth it.

Then for dinner I made pasta with a tomato zucchini sauce. The little man sat on the counter while I cooked and dipped his fingers in the can of crushed tomatoes. He loved the pasta.

Maybe it was one of his best days ever with mama. He’s in the no! no! no! phase so he would deny it. However, for me, it was certainly one of my best days with him.

Ale is 15 months and each day he is more delicious than the day before. He continues to grow at such a fast pace. His little mind is constantly working you can almost see the synapses firing!

I love that he is crazy about books and we can read the same story 5 times. I love that he says bye bye to everyone when he leaves his daycare. I love that he gives me sloppy kisses. I love that when a big truck goes by he says “Wow!”.

All this behavior is all normal 1 year old behavior, but I will fight it out with you that my little guy does it the best! Also the cutest!

Each day I am thankful that Ale is in my life. I consider myself super lucky that he is happy and healthy.