Preparing For Flight

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English: Wedding rings Português: Anéis de Noivado / Casamento (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I went to the wedding of one of my close friends. It was a beautiful intimate wedding of only 50 people. My friend- the bride- was absolutely stunning and her new husband sweet and gracious.


During the event I could not help but to think of their mothers. This was a crowning day. Both the bride and groom found true love after many years of searching. The mothers were glowing and proud women. In my new mother state I tried to imagine what they did later that night while the wedding party was still out drinking and dancing. What they felt when they went home to their apartments and closed the door definitively without their child.


Motherhood is a constant state of preparing your child for flight. To make sure they are supported and have the right tools to successfully leave you. In the case of marriage you hope that your child is capable of taking on and caring for a spouse and later children. Ultimately, you hope that their spouse will reciprocate these things as well.


After several champaign toasts and emotional speeches from friends and family I missed my little boy dreadfully. My job as a new mom took on greater importance. I must prepare Ale to be the love of the life of another person. To teach him kindness, respect, patience, and how to make a killer meal (they key to anyone’s heart is through the stomach). He will learn this by my example and by my guidance through the events that effect his life.


I have many years to do this starting now of course. When the time comes I will happily give him away- with a knot in my throat to his beloved.



Daily Prompt: Hi Mom


Dear Mommy,

Happy Mother’s Day. As you know I am at work and I really wish that we were together. For the last two Mother’s Days I have worked. Hopefully next year we can change that and have brunch together.

Despite this national day to remember moms, everyday I am happy and thankful that you are my mom and grandmother to Ale. You are a wonderful, strong and kind woman. You are my rock and my inspiration. You keep me sane and your love for me, Ale and my husband is so reassuring.

I have asked Ale to give me a message that I could include in this letter. He says the following :

“Nooooo!! Byby! Bob the build-a! Byby!”

He’s blowing you a kiss and waving.

Mom I love you.


Daily Prompt: Hi Mom!

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.