Tuesdays With Ale: A Day of Firsts

At night Ale sleeps with us in our bed. Nap time since as long as we can remember has been in his Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. He loves sleeping in it. If he could sleep the night in it, I think he would. Ale is growing- tall. He is as tall as some three year olds. In fact many people think he is three and he is only 21 months old. I digress, – Ale is too long now for his beloved bouncy chair. Ale needs a new nap location. How about his crib in his bedroom? Perfect! We can get him used to sleeping in his bed now at nap time and when he is ready he can sleep there at night.

So Tuesday morning I took Ale to the music class at the YMCA then we headed to the park for extra long swing, sprinkler and jungle gym time. By 12:30pm he was tired. So tired that he walked right over to our stroller and asked to go home.

Once at home I got Ale ready for his nap. He wanted his bouncy chair but I redirected him down the hall to his room. We settled in with a book, blanket, 5oz of milk and the shades down. Ale only comes into his room to play for short periods of time so he thought it was party time. He asked for the large wooden pirate ship, some trains, and another book. I was persistent and he never left his crib. Finally after only 20-30 min he fell asleep in his crib for two hours! Victory!



The next accomplishment is a toddler show of strength. After Ale's nap and lunch we headed back out to another park. This park has a few different slides. What all the kids love to do is hang on the bar above the slide before going down. Ale would watch the other kids in awe. Yesterday, he did it! He was so happy with himself.