Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow


Ale’s big yellow hat gets lots of attention. Everyone wants to know if I made it. Then it’s plucked off Ale’s head turned and inside out by knitter friends and strangers to discover its pattern. On the grey winter days it’s like a beacon of light. The hat matches his lively personality. It helps me find him in a crowded playground. It’s super warm. Ale loves the hat and never leaves home without it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


Spring! Finally!  Spring means that after daycare I can take Ale to the park. It’s great to be outdoors again!


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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You


Little Boy Blue


Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea


This week’s Photo Challenge is the Sea.

The summer is not summer without time spent by a body of water. Each year we visit pools, lakes and oceans. Each has the same effect. They refresh, offer a great place to play, and give a sense of peace.

This photo was taken in July at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. It was a cloudy day but we still had a wonderful time by the sea.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


This week’s photo challenge is to show something that represents “carefree”. What does not represent this more than a toddler splashing in a puddle.

Ale is enjoying the cool water, the sound the splashes make, and the sensation of wet feet squishing in his shoes.

I’m thinking – oh no! He is getting wet and dirty. I don’t have a change of clothing! Did he drink the water? Are there Mosquitos?

Life of a toddler is much, much better. Innocence is truly bliss.


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways /// Tuesdays With Ale

We have escaped the city and are enjoying a few days at the beach. Ale loves the water. Today it was raining. Nonetheless, when the rain stopped for a moment we enjoyed running around happy to have the beach all to ourselves.

Today’s Tuesdays With Ale coincides with this week’s WordPress photo challenge- One Shot, Two Ways.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


This is a photo of me and my dad. I was graduating from Kindergarten. I love this photo. It captures my dad perfectly. He was a strong proud man. He is posing for the camera and showing his best profile. There I am the little girl who is just proud of her dad.

My dad passed away in 2009. He was 83 years old. I am heart broken that he was not able to meet Ale. I have few regrets in my life but I truly regret not having Ale sooner so that they could have laughed together. My dad would have thought the world of Ale and would have tried to give him the universe. I have photos and videos that I made of him when I realized that time was running out. At least this way Ale can hear first hand some of the funny jokes and stories of his adventures in life.