Toddler Nutrition Quiz


Please refer to the photo above.
According to the 2004 International Conference of Toddler Nutrition which bottle of milk has been deemed safe for toddler consumption?
A- Bottle labeled A
B- Bottle labeled B
C- Bottle A and B are not safe for toddler consumption.

Correct answer is B.

* Bottle labeled A on the left has colorful numbers and words representing numbers. This bottle most likely contains a suspicious white liquid that should be avoided at all costs. Do not trust your mama even if she swears its milk.
* Bottle B is safe as it is a bottle with blue sail boats. All bottles with blue sailboats contain yummy milk.
* Keep in mind that Answer C can accepted under certain circumstances. The International Conference of Toddler Nutrition can change their positions on toddler nutrition at any moment. On a Sunday at nap time at 1:17PM it may be best to go with option C. In this case ask your mama for juice. At this moment the milk in the blue sail boat bottle appears slightly off. Demand that instead she gives you juice in a glass that is actually made of glass. Remember- plastic purple cups are for babies. Take three sips of juice. At the fourth sip let the juice dribble down your shirt soaking it well. Next, go to the sofa. Put your hand inside the glass to swirl the juice cleaning your hand. Then pour as much juice on to the sofa as you deem necessary. Then call for mama. Point to the juice stained sofa. In your sweetest voice shout, “Oh no mama! The juice!” Then grab any cloth lying about like papa’s cardigan sleeve to do clean up. With these actions you have avoided death by poisoning by refusing the “milk” in the blue sailboat bottle, stayed hydrated with the sips of juice, washed your hands, and helped mama clean the sofa.

Please pick up a copy of the updated 2014 publication by the International Conference of Toddler Nutrition, “Spaghetti: Why Plain Spaghetti With Butter And Cheese Is All That you Need For Your Growing Toddler Body”.

EVENTS: Ale, President of The International Conference of Toddler Nutrition, will be hosting nutrition seminars at a playground near you in the spring. Return to this webpage for dates and details.

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Peer Pressure

Can peer pressure be positive? Why or why not?

“Ale! Wow! Look at your friend Emily! She is sitting at the table
eating her pasta and a sweet potato.”

Ale goes over and sits at the table pokes his food and eats with Emily.

Yes, peer pressure can be positive if it can get my picky toddler to put something in his belly! I’m all for it. However, ask me again how I feel about this when Ale is a teen. I’m sure I’ll give a different response!

This is in response to yesterday’s NaBloPoMo at BlogHer. Better late than never!!

BlogHer NaBloPoMo


Forget the Pill- Give Me Air and Kisses

A little late but here is June 4th’s Daily Prompt:

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?


I love to eat! I love to try new foods. I grew up in New York City and some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around food. Cooking at home with my dad, going to eat lunch at my friend’s home who was Japanese, Puerto Rican, Greek, or Jamaican.

When I was pregnant one of the top things on my baby registry list was the Beaba baby food maker. I could not wait to to whip up yummy nutritious purees, then move on to fun finger foods and I envisioned fun days of cooking and baking with my son. I even looked up local cooking classes for toddlers.

Oh, what a naive mom-to-be I was.

Next to sleeping habits- feeding my sweet little Ale has been a nightmare.

My first night at home from the hospital– Ale screaming, no wet diaper, no poop, lips were dry. At midnight I franticly sent my husband out to get formula. Thank goodness we live close to a 24hr pharmacy. Then came the struggle that I overcame with breastfeeding. When I could introduce solid foods I was super excited. Then I realized Ale had his own opinions about food. He essentially is either too busy to eat or he must exercise his own will. At nine months he was eating my homemade purees, and yoghurt with gusto. Then one day he discovered that he could pick up food with his fingers and it all went downhill from there. For almost two months he refused to eat anything that required a spoon.

Now he is a toddler. He says no! Mine! and is quick to push away the dinner that I lovingly made. I even have to chase after him to eat ice cream and banana bread! Right now the only food he will voluntarily eat are Cheddar Bunnies. So if my my long skinny baby who is 19 months and only weighs about 23lbs could choose, would most likely skip the daily pill concept. The pill would either be too red, too blue, or would not pass the finger poke test. Ale would much prefer to live off of air and mama’s kisses.

That idealized Michelin roll baby who eats everything with a smile is not my son.

Michelin Man

Michelin Man (Photo credit: SouthEastern Star ★)

Two Toddler Moments

1- Today when we came home from daycare Ale insisted that I help him walk up the stairs to our apartment. He no longer wants to crawl up. So I supported his arms and he used his little legs to climb each step. When he reached the top he gave a laugh of victory! We high fived! He then he entered our apt, walked straight to the TV, pointed and said “Bob!” (Bob the Builder).

2- On Sunday we went out to lunch. Ale ate his organic all beef hotdog and eyed my friend’s guacamole. I let Ale try it. His eyes lit up, grabbed the spoon from my hand and attacked the plate. He could not have enough. When he ate it all he looked at me like -Mama? What happened to it?

The little bugger has not touched an avocado in months. It was one of his first foods. I mashed it with pears. It was delicious. Then came the pincer grasp and the beloved avocado was too slippery to hold between is fingers in slices. From that point on he refused to eat any more mashed or puréed foods.

So now I’m excited! Avocados have finally made their comeback! Whoo Hoo! I’m going to make guacamole for my little guy! Last night I made the guacamole making sure it looked like what he had on Sunday. I also tried it to make sure it tasted as good as it looked. I presented it to my little love with a huge smile. “Look Ale! Look what mama made for you!” Ale took one look, and shoved it away. UGHHHH!!!

Finally at 4 he gives in to eat grapes. It’s better than nothing at all!

My guy is such a picky eater. I am at a lost! Its 1:30PM and the bugger has not eaten a thing. I feel like the worse mom in the world! Should I be more strict? Am I not setting a proper routine? Is it just my crazy little guy? My gut says  ”Stay Calm & Carry On” and just be happy that Ale is happy and healthy.