Tuesdays With Ale : Shopping!

This Tuesday we did the usual morning routine. We went to the park to play. On the way home, however, mama made a stop… at a shoe store… that was having a summer sale. Needless to say mama went crazy and bought two pairs of sandals and spent a pretty penny on them. Thank goodness this store has a small space for kids to play. Mama was busy!

Justification. Do I need one? Not really. I have not bought a new pair of shoes in over a year. The last time I was in that store it was spring time and I bought shoes for Ale. Mama needs some fun and to update her look every once in a while. Being a RN who wears scrubs all day and being a mom makes it all too easy to slide into the not caring too much about your self mode. Has Ale been fed, bathed, combed, and does he have a fresh diaper on? YES! Did mama run out of the house this morning and forget to brush her teeth? Even while rock’n her new sandals?YES! YES! — I can’t win all of the time!

Here are my new beauties. One pair of gold clogs- because everyday should be a party! The other is a pair of fuchsia wedges because they are berry delicious, light and comfy.