Fire Fight Slippers


Last week Ale had a cold with a fever. He walks around our apartment barefoot. My husband and I decided to get him a pair of fun slippers. I went to Macy’s children’s shoe department and saw a pair of Stride Rite firetruck slippers. They were perfect for Ale! They even had lights that flash when you walk. He would love them! I could hear his little voice “Fire Fight! Fire Fight”. Sadly, they only had one pair and it was a size much too big for him.

I left Macy’s on a mission to get Ale this pair of slippers. I scoured the shoe stores in Midtown Manhattan and I had no luck. On my way home feeling defeated I passed by a shoe store in my neighbourhood. I entered. The wall in the back had the entire line of Stride Rite children’s slippers. It was a children’s slippers paradise. They had the firetruck slippers! Whoot Whoot!

Me (Heart beating fast with excitement ): Hello. Can I have a pair of the firetruck slippers in a size 7/8?

Shoe Seller (Looking through the firetruck slippers) : I’m sorry ma’am I don’t see them in that size.

Me: Can you check the back?

Shoe Seller (Climbs a ladder to reach a box precariously placed on a high shelf. He goes through the box while the ladder shakes): I’m sorry we don’t have a 7/8 here either.

Me: Really? Can I look through the box?

Shoe Seller: Ma’am we really don’t have that size? How about the Elmo slippers, or the puppy dog?

Me (rolling my eyes): No! My son does not like Elmo or puppy dogs! My Son loves firetrucks! He would be so happy with the firetruck slippers! Ughh!

Shoe Seller looks at me blankly.

I run out the store, whip out my iphone and buy the last pair off Amazon. Why did I not think of that earlier? Silly me!

Two days later the firetruck slippers arrive!

Ale wakes up from his nap. I have the box in the living room waiting for him. He peers into the box. “Wow!”, he says. I take them out of the box, sit Ale on my lap to put the firetruck slippers on his feet. He starts screaming. “NOOOOOOOO!!! FEEEEET! No Feet!!!” My husband and I wrestle him to the floor and put the slippers on his little feet to keep them cozy and warm. He runs away screaming, “NOOOOO!!!!!”. He is not even impressed by the flashing lights. He suddenly stops and is frozen. He wants those dam firetruck slippers off. He is still screaming “No! Feet!”. Tears are running down his face, snot is pouring out of his nose. I reluctantly admit defeat and take off the slippers to put Ale out of his misery. With his feet out in the open again, he smiles and lifts his right foot toward me and says “Feet!”. He walks off as if nothing happened.

That night, at bedtime we read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”. Ale apparently saw a lot of feet. He pointed out the “feet” of each of the animals and wiggled his toes in my face when imitating the sound of the horse.

I have come to the conclusion that my son has a foot fetish. He likes barefeet. The firetruck slippers have subsequently been placed into the closet in the hope that I can reintroduce them in the coming weeks. Will I succeed……?

Wait, my toes feel a draft. Oh, its Ale. He has pulled off my socks. “Feet! Mama! Feet!”
I gotta go…..