Peer Pressure

Can peer pressure be positive? Why or why not?

“Ale! Wow! Look at your friend Emily! She is sitting at the table
eating her pasta and a sweet potato.”

Ale goes over and sits at the table pokes his food and eats with Emily.

Yes, peer pressure can be positive if it can get my picky toddler to put something in his belly! I’m all for it. However, ask me again how I feel about this when Ale is a teen. I’m sure I’ll give a different response!

This is in response to yesterday’s NaBloPoMo at BlogHer. Better late than never!!

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You Can Tell Mama Anything

I recently saw a friend who has a boy who is 13 years old. She told me that her son is now turing into a teenager with wild mood swings. One minute he wants to be held like a baby next moment he wants nothing to do with her. She was prepared for this behavior but it was still a shock because her son was always so upbeat and even keeled. After the conversation what impressed me was the relationship of openness that she is trying to maintain with her son. Her main goal is to make her son feel welcome and comfortable about what he is feeling during this emotional and hormonal turmoil.

You are probably thinking, “Ok slow down Ale is only a baby!”. Yes, but I know that this kind of relationship starts now. He is already growing up so fast. I just can’t believe it. If I could, I would press pause for a while just so I can enjoy this special stage in his life. Thus, I take photos and videos all the time, hold him close, and even now I tell him, “Ale, mama loves you, you can tell mama anything”. One day I hope it will seep in and click.