Daily Post: Home Sweet Home

When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?

I’m currently away from home. I am in Spain visiting my husband’s family. As long as I have my husband and my son close to me I don’t really miss my home. My home is wherever they are. I am also assured by the fact that my home in New York will be there waiting for our return.

My subconscious will tell you otherwise. When I dream of home I dream of the home I grew up in with my mom. Those walls will never leave me. Even if I have my son and husband in the dream the location of “home” is where I grew up. I will always want to return to her home and curl up with her on the sofa to relish in the familiarity that has entered every cell of my body.

Daily Post: Home Sweet Home

We Have Worn Out the Toddler


Since last Sunday we have been traveling. New York to Charleston to Hilton Head and now Savannah.

I love to travel and we are having a wonderful time but traveling with a toddler makes us feel like a roaming gypsy family.

Charleston was great for Ale. It was the novelty of being away from home and seeing new sights. Hilton Head was fantastic. We had the beach and the pool. This was endless fun. Ale had his pail and shovel beside him at all times.

Now we are in Savannah. We arrived at 11am and we were told that the hotel room won’t be ready until 4pm. We had to change Ale’s diaper in Forsyth Park. Then the little toddler man refused to eat lunch. After mama and papa ate lunch Ale just screamed through the city as we wandered through the beautiful squares. My husband and I had our heads down to avoid what we felt were heavy stares and whispers about bad northern parents.

At 3pm we reentered the hotel lobby with a screaming toddler. Guess what- the room was ready. He finally took a nap at 4:30pm in the hotel room. He was so tired and excited I had to put him to sleep like a tiny baby with a bottle of milk, rocking and signing to him.

Tonight to make it up to him we are forgoing BBQ and Southern fare and having Italian. We hope Ale will say “Wow!'” when he sees his favorite dish- a bowl of spaghetti bolognese presented to him.

Update — Later This Evening

Score! We have a happy toddler again! After dinner Ale petted a horse, ran through sprinklers and even had a few bites of ice cream.

We can continue our vacation with a clear conscious.