Why is it Harder Raising Boys

When I was pregnant I knew without a doubt in my head I was going to have a boy. You could not tell me otherwise. I was happy but I did mourn the fact that I may not have lunch/ shopping dates with my son.

Now as the author of the article mentions, I understand the female brain/ ways much better. I also think that women are just more naturally sensitive and at the end of the day need less direction to learn what is good and bad.

I feel like boys need constant reminders & examples. My job with Ale is to make him a good man that will treat women and others with the utmost respect. So I’m not going to wait until he is a teen to teach him how to cook. I have him now in the kitchen watching me cook. It’s like a cooking show for babies! I have him help me put away the groceries, he throws his clothing in the washing machine. I love that he is right next to me when I vacuum. I give him an extra vacuum tube that has a brush and he is working on the dust behind the chair.

His dad is also a great role model and will teach him housework, kindness and respect. But boys will be boys…

Anyway, I’m hopeful. Only time will tell. I know in my heart I have the best little boy and he will be ok with my love and guidance .

Why is it Harder Raising Boys

Crying it out: Apparently Supported by Everyone & Their Grandmothet

After reading this. I’m going to hold Ale closer. He is 16 months old and cherish each kiss, hug, and sweet smile. I want him to know & remember that we spent so many beautiful days together so when he goes off on his own he will have a solid foundation based in his family.

Crying it out: Apparently Supported by Everyone & Their Grandmothet



Go on a child led DISCOVERY WALK! These walks can be done in your own backyard—there is so much to discover out there. Mom/Dad grab your journal and pen, camera, and discovery bag to gather all your treasures and follow your child’s lead. Let them take you around the yard and have them…


aBetterMom: Meal rules…


I’m watching The View and they are talking about making your kids eat what you make for dinner. The guest co-host is chef Tyler Florence and he is saying that they make one meal for dinner and everyone has to eat it, if one of his 3 kids decides to protest and not want to eat what they made, then…

Ale has very strong ideas as to when he wants to eat. I can place him at the table and he will either eat happily or throw the food to the floor. When he does this I want to scream and pull my hair out. But like Tyler Florence- I know that he will turn around when hungry and eat what we give him. It’s just so frustrating.

aBetterMom: Meal rules…

LadydeeLG: 10 Random Mommy Thoughts


1. I am not a proponent of “cosleeping” but guess what? I understand why @babyenzog wants to sleep with Mama, I mean, warm, pillowtop bed next to mama is no match to that dumb hard, cold crib mattress… I think if I were him, I’d want to sleep with me too.

2. The whole American Pediatrics…

This sums it up for me! Point by point! Thank you!

LadydeeLG: 10 Random Mommy Thoughts