While Waiting On Line…


While waiting on line at the pharmacy to buy cough drops Ale was doing the usual toddler things. He rearranged the stacks of gum and chocolates at the check out counter.  He began to make believe he was a digger – “VAROOM!  GHHEEHGGGGG! BEEP BEEP!”. Then all of a sudden he wrapped his long, thin arms around my legs and said “Love you mama. Love you mama”. I said “What???” I could not believe my ears. Ale replied,  “Love you mama.  Look a tunnel! ” and pushed himself between my legs and became digger all over again.

I love you baby. I love you.

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Feed The Baby: When Supplementing Saves Breastfeeding

Wendy Wisner

Most mothers make plenty of milk for their babies — nature designed breastfeeding to be a very hearty system. But by virtue of the work I do, I see my fair share of low milk supply cases (I see the babies who are having issues with breastfeeding!).

Many of the mothers I see are very committed to full breastfeeding, as well they should be! They want their baby to receive 100% breastmilk at the breast (no bottles or other devices). This is the goal, of course. The problem comes when a baby is not growing healthfully this way.

Now, it’s normal for all babies to lose a bit of weight in the first few days after birth. But by 3-4 days after birth, a mother’s milk should become more abundant (“come in”), and a newborn should start to gain, rather than lose weight. Most of us agree that it…

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