We Have Worn Out the Toddler


Since last Sunday we have been traveling. New York to Charleston to Hilton Head and now Savannah.

I love to travel and we are having a wonderful time but traveling with a toddler makes us feel like a roaming gypsy family.

Charleston was great for Ale. It was the novelty of being away from home and seeing new sights. Hilton Head was fantastic. We had the beach and the pool. This was endless fun. Ale had his pail and shovel beside him at all times.

Now we are in Savannah. We arrived at 11am and we were told that the hotel room won’t be ready until 4pm. We had to change Ale’s diaper in Forsyth Park. Then the little toddler man refused to eat lunch. After mama and papa ate lunch Ale just screamed through the city as we wandered through the beautiful squares. My husband and I had our heads down to avoid what we felt were heavy stares and whispers about bad northern parents.

At 3pm we reentered the hotel lobby with a screaming toddler. Guess what- the room was ready. He finally took a nap at 4:30pm in the hotel room. He was so tired and excited I had to put him to sleep like a tiny baby with a bottle of milk, rocking and signing to him.

Tonight to make it up to him we are forgoing BBQ and Southern fare and having Italian. We hope Ale will say “Wow!'” when he sees his favorite dish- a bowl of spaghetti bolognese presented to him.

Update — Later This Evening

Score! We have a happy toddler again! After dinner Ale petted a horse, ran through sprinklers and even had a few bites of ice cream.

We can continue our vacation with a clear conscious.


Daily Prompt: Journey

Daily Prompt: Journey

Mama! That’s the plane we are going to take!

Photographers, show us JOURNEY


Hello Summer!

Even though today it’s dark, rainy and in the high 50’s it was HOT this past Tuesday. It was typical New York City hot- in the 80’s and a bit humid. Everyone was out and about in flip flops.

After nap time. I packed Ale’s bag with snacks, a towel and an extra change of clothing. I whisked him into his room and changed him into swimming trunks (swim diaper underneath) and covered him in sunscreen. Then I put on his feet the adorable flip flops with red crabs I bought recently. That was a mistake as he just looked at his feet and screamed. Then he walked around the apartment like Frankenstein.

When the Frankenstein walk resumed to the normal toddler waddle we headed to the playground. The playground was jumping! It was filled with ecstatic kids. The sprinklers were on!

Ale at first did not know what to make of this mayhem. Kids running in all directions laughing with joy. He just stood there in front of the sprinklers looking overwhelmed. He wanted me to hold him.

What is great about having a kid is that I can do silly things with Ale and no one bats an eye. Off came my sandals, I rolled up my jeans and got right in there and started splashing. Slowly Ale stuck his little toes in the puddle. Then his hands went through the undulating sprinklers. Next thing I knew Ale was running through the sprinklers laughing and shouting out for joy.

After 45 minutes of water madness I had to pull him out because he was turning purple and shivering. He had so much fun. In fact, fun is an understatement.

So, Summer if you are reading this post- please come back. Ale desperately wants to run through the sprinklers again.
By the way: His mama wants to get her feet wet too.


Daily Prompt: Bittersweet Memories


Unfortunately, sometimes the tissue paper is the best part of the gift that you carefully selected.


Daily Prompt:
You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?

Photographers, show us GIFT.

Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

Daily Prompt:
Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re least drawn to.)

**Sight**: Ale sitting straight up in bed. He still looks half asleep. His uncombed curly hair sticks out in all directions. He smiles and points out of the bedroom.

**Sound**: “Papa?”

**Smell**: If papa is in the living room then why do I not smell coffee being made? He has to make coffee now.

**Sensation**: Why oh why do I have to get up? It’s 7am on a Saturday- I’m so sleepy.

I’m most drawn to the sensation of the lack of sleep. I have not slept well since *before* I was pregnant. During the pregnancy I suffered from insomnia, and back discomfort. I was a stomach sleeper. Then came the basketball belly. Now I never sleep well even on that one night I was home alone. I swear I heard Ale wake up even though he was miles away.


The Sandbox

Detail of sandbox with toys

Detail of sandbox with toys (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was pregnant I was so excited that we were going to welcome a new little person in our lives and home. And oh! All the fun things we will do together! We could go to the zoo, museums, and Disneyland! And… Wait a minute. Ugghh! I’m going to have to go to the playground and hang out and talk with other parents. Um, no! I’d rather not. Thank you. Now, however, that Ale is actually here I really do love to go to the playground and I like talking to the parents.

Ale of course has a built in playground GPS as he can spot a towering slide miles away. When we arrive at the playground we park our stroller by the swings and swing back and forth for a while. Next up are the slides, steps, monkey bars and tunnel. Then Ale suddenly remembers — SANDBOX! He makes his way there often leaving me behind as I run in the other direction for the stroller while at the same time I try to keep track of the little boy in the green jacket.

I park the stroller and sit along the border of the sandbox. If I had a coffee in my cup holder I take that out and have a few sips of cold coffee. Ale walks around looking for a fun communal toy. This is when the kiddy sandbox politics begin. All the mom’s and dads look at their iPhones checking out Facebook or the New York Times. They think that if they comment on the photo of a friend’s homemade pie the eruptions won’t happen.

Ale reaches for a rake. “No!!! That’s mine!” and a child takes it from his hand. Ale goes over to another corner if the sandbox and I chit chat with another mom. Then a little boy who did not want to surrender his bucket yells out, throws himself in the sand. His dad comes and takes him away.

Ale is now playing with a dump truck. A girl tries to take it from him. This time he resists and continues to play with the truck. The little girl then takes her shovel fills it with sand and pours it into Ale’s hood. I catch her eye. She was caught in the act. What can I do? Tell Ale to give her the truck? Do I reprimand her? Then I see her parents and think twice.

The sandbox is really a giant tool to test your child day in and day out on how to directly interact with other kids and learn how to share. For the parents it’s also a test on civility and to see if you can also stand by the same rules we expect our children to follow. For example in the situation above I was able to successfully direct Ale to another toy but I really wanted to push the little girl for pouring sand into Ale’s hood and shout “He’s my sweet baby! Leave him alone!”.

Then Ale gets up and sees another girl making a sand castle. He walks over points and then knocks it down with his hand. Now I’m apologizing to the girl and to her mom.

The sandbox lesson of the day: When faced with something we don’t like we have to just keep our cool, move on, and rebuild if necessary.

Bouquet of 3 Nomination!!

sunshine best moment versatile

My busy week is finally winding down. I can now finally write a post thanking 21centurymom for her nomination for the Bouquet of 3 Award. This is my 4th award this week! When it rains it pours. Im just upset that this week in particular I was not able to do a lot of blogging.

Like 21 Century Mom, I am so new to blogging and I had no idea that bloggers were awarded by other bloggers. All I know is that I am having so much fun and I love reading new posts from all of the people I follow and the amazing other blogs that I come across.

The rules for the awards as I have received them:
1. Display the Award Certificate on your website.
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.
3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

For the nominations I too will limit the number of nominations as I just nominated others for the Liebster Award and I want to reach out to a few more people.

Here is a go at 7 interesting things about me. I’m running out of things to say!
1- I am addicted to my iPhone.
2- Today I just passed a national certification exam in my nursing specialty and I’m super happy!
3- I enjoy going to the playground with Ale. I thought I would hate it but I love to see him having so much fun.
4-I like Lowes more than Home Depot but I could happily spend hours in each store.
5- I like to have something with chocolate every night after dinner.
6- I love flip flops in the summer.
7- I’m so happy that I am a blogging mama!

Nominations in no particular order:

1- Joy, Lovely, Joy

2- Nannypology

3- Atlanta Mom of Three

4- The 4 A.M. Writer

Thank You!

Thank You!