I am a new mom to a toddler named Ale (Á-le) who has stolen my heart. He has not only changed the structure of my life but has brought out aspects within me I did not know. Turns out I’m an undercover crunchy person – babywearing, breast feeding, lover of natural products, attachment parenting mama. We are also a multiracial and multicultural family. This blog is ultimately about my adventures with my little guy and reflections on being a new mom.

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  1. Hello! I`m so glad you messaged me (Carys from 37calvertrd.com) so I could find your great blog! I am totally flattered that you nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award – as a new blogger, it means a ton to me. For some reason, your comment disappeared from my queue when I went to approve it but I don’t want you to think I didn`t see it!!!! Can`t wait to read more from you and thank you SOOOO much!

  2. Thank you for following my blog! I discovered I am somewhat of a “crunchy” Mama after my first was born too… I have embraced it 🙂 Looking forward to connecting with you! Peace, Mama!

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  4. Lol!!!! I am a new mom am my princess is 5 months, didn’t know what a crunchy mom was until my sister (who has been a stay at home mom for 5 years now) said ummmm I think you may be a crunchy mom. Hey if thats because I cook her food from scratch and read labels before I buy things then I will crunch on!!!!

  5. Love your writing and the way you wear your heart on your sleeve. I am always drawn to that! Thanks for sharing with us and excited to keep up with your adventures. Take care! Steph

  6. Hello! I stumbled on your blog on feed your senses prompt and I decided to look around your site. I really enjoy reading some of your posts with your son, particularly about the one while waiting in line. How endearing is that! Any mother would melt. 🙂

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