There Is A Potty In My Bathtub


This past summer Ale showed signs of knowing when he did pee pee. Like the over excited mama that I am, I immediately went to and ordered a potty and a potty book. You know where this is going… It came and Ale was excited to see the potty and read the book. When it became time to actually sit on the potty without a diaper it was impossible. So I said no sweat, we can do this later on. The book then went on the shelf and the potty is stored in my bathtub (New York City living- no closet space for a potty!!).

Now Ale is two years and two months old. I’m starting to get interrogated by mom’s who have potty trained their 19 month old daughters in a day. I could perhaps technically do it if I reserve a week’s time. Ale now grabs my hand to change him after poop. But, you know what? On this one I have to admit that I’m just too lazy to do it right now. That’s right- I can’t be bothered. Diapers are easy. I need something easy right now. I’m struggling with Ale eating well and sleeping (though last night he did sleep straight until 6:30am! whoo hoo!). That is more than enough. I know that Ale won’t be a teen in diapers so I’m not worried. This one I can drag out.

So good for you smarty pants moms who know all and get everything done efficiently. I like having a potty in my bathtub. It makes a good conversation piece.

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10 thoughts on “There Is A Potty In My Bathtub

  1. Potty training sucks! We are done since before 2 but currently having a lot of peepee accidents which makes a lot if laundry and clean up for mom! Good luck to you.

  2. Don’t worry…. Girl’s typically potty train before boys (which is something I have noticed). The last family I worked with, their son wasn’t ready to potty train until he was 3. Good luck! 🙂

  3. My son showed interest a couple of months ago (he was about Ale’s age then) and was really into going peepee on the potty. I was so excited that we were getting a jump start on it but then the novelty wore off for him and he didn’t want to do it anymore, its like it became a chore. Now, he says “I don’t yike it” when I ask. I am afraid trying to force it will work against me so am just waiting it out. Great for those moms who force it and it works but i’m with you, the time will present itself again. And from what I hear, boys are slower to potty train than girls and the age tends to average closer to 3 for boys. Good luck when it happens, for now, enjoy getting some extra sleep!!

    • Yes! I think forcing it will not be good. It’s best to wait when they are ready. I have heard that boys are hard to potty train. Oh well. Good thing I’m not in a rush! Let me how how it goes for you when you try again with your son. All the best !!!

  4. He’ll get it when he’s ready. My little one is 3 in march and we’re nowhere near potty training him yet. We’ll get there at our own pace, like you said, they’re not going to be wearing nappieswhen they’re teenagers!

  5. My son was 3 when he finally was ready! It’s so much easier with diapers but once they “get it”, you will be so proud of Ale and yourself! It’s such an accomplishment for both of you. No rush though is right!

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